Workshops provide an opportunity for more in-depth, hands-on tuition than is possible in a lecture/demonstration. 
Each workshop lasts for 2.5 hours. Participants bring their own laptops with the relevant software installed. Comprehensive notes are provided in the form of a printable pdf document. Group size is 6 - 12; cost per person is very reasonable and the date, time and venue can be arranged to suit attendees.
Luminar can be used as a stand-alone editor or as a plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop. It allows you to fine-tune your photos in an easy to use, flexible and very powerful way and is equally suitable for complete novices as well as experienced workers.
Originally  Mac platform only, Luminar is being developed for Windows too. If you want a relatively inexpensive yet fully-featured image processor then it's well-worth a look!
With the impending demise of Silver Efex, lovers of Black & White will be looking for a worthwhile replacement.
Tonality (by Macphun, the makers of Luminar) is the answer - so long as you use the Mac operating system.

Importing, organising and renaming images. Moving Files and Folders. Flags, Ratings and Colour Labels. Collections. Keywords and Keyword Sets. The Identity Plate. Makings and using Import and Export Templates. Multiple versions of an image.
4. Lightroom - going further
The RAW Advantage. Customising the display. Using the Navigator. Workflow using Develop Presets - provided. Sync and AutoSync. Using Snapshots and History. Camera Calibration and White Balance. An in-detail look at the Develop Module.
An in-depth look at the Print Module. It's amazing just how much you can do here, even if you never print!
Making a basic book to print or to use as a pdf for on-screen viewing is pretty easy but there's a lot of tips and tricks you probably don't know!
7. Lightroom Mobile
If you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographer's Package and you use a mobile device (phone or tablet) then you have access to Lightroom Mobile and can do lots of useful things with your photos away from your computer! July 2017 saw some exciting changes to Lightroom Mobile making it even more powerful and user-friendly - of course, the workshop content has been updated to showcase these.
8. Photoshop for Lightroom Users
Understanding Layers, Layer Masks, Blending Modes, Layers Styles and Adjustment Layers. Using Smart Objects.

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